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Dyatlov Pass Incident with Teodora Hadjiyska

Between February 1st & 2nd, 1959, nine Russian hikers died mysteriously while traversing the Ural Mountains. The group was led by Igor Dyatlov, who was one of the nine dead found by searchers and authorities over the course of three months. Hypothermia contributed to the deaths, but there was also the presence of brutal physical trauma that defied explanation. Broken bones, a fractured skull, and the strange disappearance of eyes and a tongue are just a few of the things that haunted both investigators and civilians. This was known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident. All you need to know about the case is on

Over half a century has passed since the incident occurred, and there are still just as many questions surrounding it today as there were when it occurred. Join us on February 1st, the 63rd anniversary of the mysterious incident, as we discuss it with Teodora Hadjiyska, the foremost expert and co-author of “1079: The Overwhelming Force of Dyatlov Pass“. Will we finally learn what happened all those years ago or will the answers remain hidden beneath the ice and snow of the Ural Mountains?

You can listen LIVE or on-demand here:

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