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Episode 5: Laura Brand and James Annitto

Last night’s episode was another incredible show filled with amazing guests. James Annitto, a renowned demonologist, and criminologist Laura Brand, known for her involvement with the “Toolbox Killer ” documentary on PeacockTV, came on and discussed demonology, criminology and how both can work together and be applied to cases.

James explained what demonology is and how he uses it when investigating cases. Laura spoke about the time she spent interviewing both Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris while they were imprisoned, as well as how she met James and some of the paranormal occurrences that happened when they investigated together.

James and Laura also spoke about their upcoming podcast “True Evil,” which debuts on Sunday February 27th. Their podcast debut is something you won’t want to miss out on!

You can listen to the episode on-demand here:

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Laura Brand and James Annitto

On Tuesday, February 22nd at 9 PM EST we have a very special show for you as we’ll be joined by Laura Brand and James Annitto who will discuss their new show, “True Evil Podcast” which debuts on all platforms February 27th.

Criminologist Laura Brand (perhaps best known for the fascinating documentary “The Toolbox Killer” on Peacock) has many incredible experiences she’ll be sharing with us LIVE Tuesday night!

Also joining us will be Demonologist James Annitto who will be sharing his many paranormal experiences from his many researches and investigations! This will absolutely be a can’t miss show!

You can listen to it LIVE or on-demand here:

Episode 4: Dyatlov Pass Incident with Teodora Hadjiyska

Last night’s show was nothing short of amazing! Our guest, Teodora Hadjiyska, co-author of “1079: The Overwhelming Force of Dyatlov Pass,” and a leading expert on the case, led the show on a mysterious and terrifying journey to find the truth behind the Dyatlov Pass Incident. The show lasted for almost two and a half hours, and she outlined the case, discussed theories that have been spoken about the incident for years, and gave us a glimpse into her life as a researcher on the subject and the posturing against the book while it was being written.

This is a show you can listen to repeatedly and still feel the eerie atmosphere! Blake said that he has a very strong X-Files feeling towards the case and Teodora’s quest to uncover the truth! We also had a very high presence of listeners on the show, which speaks volumes about the interest in the case and the quality of Teodora’s work!

You can listen on-demand here:

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