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Episode 6: Hannibal Rising

We took a dive into more movie monsters last night as we discussed the often-panned but delightful 2007 film “Hannibal Rising,” a prequel giving viewers a detailed look into the early life of Hannibal Lecter and how he became the serial killer and cannibal he was known to be in later years. We gave a detailed synopsis of the film and discussed things we noticed while viewing.

The general consensus was although the film was spectacularly shot and had some incredibly gory kills, it didn’t resonate the same way as the previous films in the series had with viewers. Join us next week as we view another entry in the “Hannibal the Cannibal” franchise.

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Episode 5: Laura Brand and James Annitto

Last night’s episode was another incredible show filled with amazing guests. James Annitto, a renowned demonologist, and criminologist Laura Brand, known for her involvement with the “Toolbox Killer ” documentary on PeacockTV, came on and discussed demonology, criminology and how both can work together and be applied to cases.

James explained what demonology is and how he uses it when investigating cases. Laura spoke about the time she spent interviewing both Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris while they were imprisoned, as well as how she met James and some of the paranormal occurrences that happened when they investigated together.

James and Laura also spoke about their upcoming podcast “True Evil,” which debuts on Sunday February 27th. Their podcast debut is something you won’t want to miss out on!

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Laura Brand and James Annitto

On Tuesday, February 22nd at 9 PM EST we have a very special show for you as we’ll be joined by Laura Brand and James Annitto who will discuss their new show, “True Evil Podcast” which debuts on all platforms February 27th.

Criminologist Laura Brand (perhaps best known for the fascinating documentary “The Toolbox Killer” on Peacock) has many incredible experiences she’ll be sharing with us LIVE Tuesday night!

Also joining us will be Demonologist James Annitto who will be sharing his many paranormal experiences from his many researches and investigations! This will absolutely be a can’t miss show!

You can listen to it LIVE or on-demand here:

Episode 4: Dyatlov Pass Incident with Teodora Hadjiyska

Last night’s show was nothing short of amazing! Our guest, Teodora Hadjiyska, co-author of “1079: The Overwhelming Force of Dyatlov Pass,” and a leading expert on the case, led the show on a mysterious and terrifying journey to find the truth behind the Dyatlov Pass Incident. The show lasted for almost two and a half hours, and she outlined the case, discussed theories that have been spoken about the incident for years, and gave us a glimpse into her life as a researcher on the subject and the posturing against the book while it was being written.

This is a show you can listen to repeatedly and still feel the eerie atmosphere! Blake said that he has a very strong X-Files feeling towards the case and Teodora’s quest to uncover the truth! We also had a very high presence of listeners on the show, which speaks volumes about the interest in the case and the quality of Teodora’s work!

You can listen on-demand here:

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Dyatlov Pass Incident with Teodora Hadjiyska

Between February 1st & 2nd, 1959, nine Russian hikers died mysteriously while traversing the Ural Mountains. The group was led by Igor Dyatlov, who was one of the nine dead found by searchers and authorities over the course of three months. Hypothermia contributed to the deaths, but there was also the presence of brutal physical trauma that defied explanation. Broken bones, a fractured skull, and the strange disappearance of eyes and a tongue are just a few of the things that haunted both investigators and civilians. This was known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident. All you need to know about the case is on

Over half a century has passed since the incident occurred, and there are still just as many questions surrounding it today as there were when it occurred. Join us on February 1st, the 63rd anniversary of the mysterious incident, as we discuss it with Teodora Hadjiyska, the foremost expert and co-author of “1079: The Overwhelming Force of Dyatlov Pass“. Will we finally learn what happened all those years ago or will the answers remain hidden beneath the ice and snow of the Ural Mountains?

You can listen LIVE or on-demand here:

Episode 3: Santiago Cirilo & Our Top 10 Zombie Movies

What a show last night! For the first hour we had a very special guest: actor, author, martial artist, wrestler, and veteran Santiago Cirilo, also known affectionately as “Uncle Cirilo” by Blake. He discussed his career, including his work on “The Walking Dead” TV series and the terrifying film “Rosa Leigh.” Santiago discussed projects he has been involved with including an anti-bullying campaign, and so much more! He was so unrelentingly positive and fun, and we had such a good time talking with him!

The second hour we gave out our top ten zombie films, with a few stipulations: no possession or infection films. Give it a listen to hear what our lists were like and see if some of your favorites made our lists, and if there are some on our lists that you haven’t seen, you may find yourself wanting to dive into some unfamiliar films that explore the blood-soaked, brain-eating world of the undead!

Check out the show here:

Santiago Cirilo and Our Top 10 Zombie Movies

One of the things Travis and I enjoy about our show is the fantastic opportunity to interview guests from our favorite films. This episode is keeping with that tradition! Join us Tuesday, January 25th at 9 PM EST as we talk with acclaimed actor, author and veteran Santiago Cirilo, who many of you may know as “Julio” from Season 4 of the hit TV series “The Walking Dead.” In addition to starring in such terrifying films as “Beast of the Water” and “Rosa Leigh,” he is the co-author of the post apocalyptic zombie novel “The Head Hunter.” Santiago, or as Blake refers to him, “Uncle Cirilo,” joins us to discuss his career and so much more!

In the second hour of the show, Travis and I will be ranking our 10 favorite zombie films, but the catch is that infection or possession films don’t count! This is going to be a challenge, but Travis and I are up for it. The question is…are you?!

Photo Courtesy of Santiago Cirilo

Episode 2: Scream Revisited with Nancy Anne Ridder

What a show! “Girl in Bathroom“ (Nancy Anne Ridder) brought comedy, fantastic recall of shooting Scream, and some deeply personal stories to the podcast.

This show will absolutely go down as one of our favorites as “NAR” carried a full 2 hours and then some. There’s really not much more description we can add as the podcast speaks for itself. You can check it out now here:

“What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”

This phrase launched one of the most popular horror franchises of all time. In the 1990s horror films had become an afterthought, almost stagnant. Then, in December 1996, Wes Craven and company thrust “Scream” upon filmgoers everywhere. Wes had already had several hit horror films in the past, most notably with “A Nightmare on Elm Street ” and its razor-fingered fiend Freddy Krueger. His artistic direction and the writing of Kevin Williamson, combined with an incredible cast of actors and actresses revitalized horror in a way that no one expected.

With the new “Scream” film set to hit theaters on January 14th, 2022, we thought what better way to commemorate it than to have a guest from the original film on the show! Joining us on January 18th at 9 PM EST is a very special guest, the incredibly beautiful and talented actress Nancy Anne Ridder, who portrayed the “girl in the bathroom” that riffed on Sidney Prescott and her mother’s indiscretions, and put a hostile cheerleader in her place. Nancy, or NAR as she wants her fans and friends to call her, will be discussing her versatile acting career, and so much more. This is an episode not to be missed! NAR is a good friend of Blake’s and let’s not forget that “the girl in the bathroom” was Blake’s first film crush. This is going to be interesting!

You can listen to it live or on demand here:

Photo Courtesy of Nancy Anne Ridder

Episode 1: A Tribute To Vic/The Ritual (2017)

It was emotional. It was therapeutic. It was a tribute to the man himself, Vic Philpott (Filpot). Hour one was simply something that needed to be done on the anniversary eve of the big man’s passing. There will never be another one like him.

In hour number 2 we covered The Ritual from 2017. It was a fascinating film that we looked at from multiple angles. Did you like it? Let us know! It’s currently streaming on Netflix.

You can listen to last night’s podcast here:

Vic with Ted Bundy’s Volkswagen