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Episode 8: Red Dragon (2002)

What a show last night! Travis and I discussed “Red Dragon” on its own and then compared it to its counterpart, “Manhunter.” We covered everything, from actors and actresses, sets, storytelling, to specific dialogue and everything in between. Travis turned heads when he lobbied in favor of Will Graham from “Manhunter,” while I vehemently supported the portrayal of Graham from “Red Dragon.” We both liked how Francis Dolarhyde was portrayed in both films, but I think his portrayal in “Red Dragon” is nothing short of incredible! We agreed on almost every other point in favor of “Red Dragon,” though there is still a special place in our hearts for “Manhunter.” After our detailed analysis, we came to the same conclusion, 3.5 out of 4!

We are taking a break from the Hannibal Lecter Retrospective next Tuesday; we will have a special guest on with us, prolific author Michael Benson, whose new book “Gangsters vs. Nazis,” will be released on April 26th. We will resume the retrospective March 29th when we cover the Oscar-winning 1991 film “Silence of the Lambs!” 

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