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Episode 13: The Fog (2005)

It was shitty movie night on CrimsonPod! Travis was feeling under the weather but pushed through as he managed to discuss the universally disliked movie “The Fog” from 2005 with Blake.

Blake had a little less hatred for the movie than Travis, but it was very well established that if you want to watch The Fog…stick to John Carpenter’s original from the 80’s. Speaking of, you can hear Travis and Vic discuss the original back in 2018 here:

Speaking of the original, don’t forget to pop in “The Fog” from 1980 on April 21st because as the movie says…

“11:55, almost midnight. Enough time for one more story. One more story before 12:00, just to keep us warm. In five minutes, it will be the 21st of April. 100 years ago on the 21st of April, out in the waters around Spivey Point, a small clipper ship drew toward land. Suddenly, out of the night, the fog rolled in. For a moment, they could see nothing, not a foot in front of them.”

Join us next week for “Alien Day” on 4/26 (Acheron LV-426) as we go to space for the very first time to talk about the Ridley Scott classic “Alien” from 1979 and find out where we stand with regards to this legendary film! We will once again be doing another Facebook Live show!

You can listen to the Fog 2005 episode on-demand here:

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